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Step into the world of Northwest Boat Maintenance, your premier destination for professional Boat Cleaning, Polishing, and Antifouling services. We specialise in elevating your boat’s aesthetic with top-tier services. Moreover, using the finest products available, our mission is to ensure your delight in the restoration and continuous care of your cherished boat.

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Boat Services Available

Machine Polishing

Machine Polishing will bring your boats’ gelcoat back to sparkling new. It will also  remove impurities from the gelcoat and  protect the surface from future oxidation. Machine polishing is a must to ensure your boat maintenance.

boat cleaning

Boat Cleaning

Boat Cleaning is the essence of what we do. We offer professional cleaning of both the inside and outside of your boat using environmentally friendly boat cleaning products. Therefore, our promise is to leave your boat in immaculately clean condition every time!

Boat Hull Antifouling

Additionally, we offer hull antifouling services for the bottom of your beloved boat.  As a result, this will protect your hull from corrosion, marine growth and also improve fuel efficiency. Additionally, hull antifouling should be done yearly to optimise results.

Carpet Cleaning

Carpet/Upholstery Cleaning

We also offer carpet and upholstery deep cleaning and stain removal. This results in adding another lease of life to your upholstery or simply remove that dirty oil stain that has been haunting your carpet!

Rust Stain Cleaning Off

Heavy Stain Removal

We can remove stains of all shapes and sizes whether it be rust, oil, smoke, mould, grease or otherwise. No more eye-sores on your lovely boat!

Boat Bilge Cleaning

Engine Area Cleaning

Here you can get bilge and engine compartment cleaning and de-greasing. Secondly,  we can remove unwanted liquid build-ups. Conclusively, we strive to leave the boat engine area/bilge shining like new!

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